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Custom Storage Solutions for the Modern Kitchen

When it comes to storage options for your kitchen, there are almost limitless possibilities. From hidden wine racks, integrated refrigerators, half-shelves and much more, we offer many solutions that seamlessly integrate into luxurious, Italian styles. Learn more about some of our offerings in this post.

08 Nov, 2017

White Or Dark Kitchen, Trends 2017

Choosing between a white or dark kitchen is one of the most important decisions related to your kitchen that you are going to make. Even if you don’t take décor too seriously, this is still a decision that needs to be made carefully. Like it or not, but we are affected by the tone of a room. If someone isn’t quite to our liking about the space, it can impact our comfort in that space.

30 Oct, 2017

Questions to ask before choosing your custom kitchen

Custom kitchens offer a number of benefits. They ensure the perfect fit and superior style. Before choosing your new kitchen, however, it is important that you ask yourself and your supplier a few questions. The answers to these questions will help guide you to making the best decision for your home.

25 Oct, 2017

7 Benefits of a Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchen Cabinets – The Benefits At Italian Art Interior, we love showing people just how much potential there really is behind Italian kitchen cabinets. These are cabinets that are designed to bring together form and function in the best way possible, leaving you with Italian kitchen cabinetry that is going to stand the test

01 Oct, 2017

How a Custom Kitchen Can Increase the Value of your House

Italian kitchen cabinets from Italian Art Interior will bring a number of benefits to your home. In the first place, we can promise you something that is going to be tailor fit to your specifications. Your cabinets should fit the way you think a kitchen should be established. You certainly want something that

20 Sep, 2017