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Flush to the Wall

Flush to the Wall

Bluinterni is the only manufacturer in the world offering an absolutely unique solution - flush-to-ceiling doors up to 3.4 m tall, produced in a variety of original finishings

Doors At-a-Glance

Manufacturer:Fiam SRL
Materials:Aluminum, MDF, Honeycomb code
Hight:2,100 mm – 3,400 mm
Width:600 mm – 1,000 mm
Hardware:Invisible Hinges (Manufactured by Ansulmi). Every door requires 3-4 hinges depending on the door height
Warranty:Aluminum Framing: 10 years. Door: 2 years

Flush-to-Wall Door Installation

The doors are installed using invisible aluminum framing (to be painted over) and are assembled without trims or linings. The doors are installed flush to the wall with the ability to open the door inside or outside. It is also possible to install the door flush to the ceiling—in other words without the top header and casing to achieve a clean and elegant transition between the door and ceiling.

Finishings. Original finishing materials available: veneer, natural stone (Pietra multicolor), imitation silk (Alutes silk), and eco/recycled leather. Any color finishing also available in accordance with Classic RAL System.