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Castagna Cucine

An Italian manufacturer of high-quality luxury kitchens in classic and modern style

Uncompromising in Quality

Bluinterni is the only manufacturer in the world offering an absolutely unique solution - flush-to-ceiling doors up to 3.4 m tall, produced in a variety of original finishings

Reliable and Highly Functional

All of our kitchens are individually planned for high functionality, improved ergonomics, and reliability. Stability and longevity for all surfaces, fittings, and built-in parts are standard.


We provide luxurious kitchen solutions that create comfortable cooking and living environments and add significant value to your home.


Specialty:Home Design
Products:High-Quality Elite Furniture
Location:Veneto, Italy

The Castagna Cucine Elite Collections

Our collections express the elegance and luxury of Italian style, a revisiting in contemporary style of our glorious past, from the classical to the relatively more recent deco. Our passionate attention to details and materials, particularly harmonious though severely formal designs, are recognized characteristics of our brand.

Unique kitchens for your impeccable taste

Castagna Cucine collections express the elegance and luxury of Italian style, revisiting the contemporary style of the glorious past, from the classical to the relatively more recent art deco. The passionate attention to details and materials, such as the particularly harmonious though severely formal designs, are recognizable characteristics of the Castagna Cucine brand.

Manufacturers at Castagna Cucine select shapes and colours that help people live better in their environments. Castagna Cucine represents the elegance, exclusivity, and style of Italian tailoring. The brand has long been known both on Italian and International markets.



Classic Equilibrium


Magical Decoration


Refined Memories


Sculpted Friezes


Perfect Neutral


Soul Deco


Material Wood


Refined Memories

Over Fifty Years, Dating Back to 1958


Starting from the very beginning, Francesco Castagna, the founder and father of the firm, imparted a mark of quality to his kitchens, preferring to use solid wood worked with masterly craftsmanship. We have followed his philosophy to create our products, where wood is the leading character, enriched in its characteristics, in its heterogeneity, and in its living material.

Our understanding of wood, our search for innovative quality materials, and our attention to detail and particularly harmonious design are the elements that characterize us. In addition to designing functional solutions, our goal is to evolve the concept of the traditional kitchen with fascinating, flexible, and versatile design. In this way, our collections allow designers to develop solutions with continuity among the kitchen and the other rooms of the house, offering furniture, customized panelling, and lacquered or solid-wood tables.

Castagna Cucine. Made in Veneto, Italy

Veneto is a very fortunate region. Many famous architects, skilled artisans, fine artists and sculptors, and famous musicians and composers were born here. Everywhere you go you can find beauty created by the skill and genius of our ancestors. In our city, Vicenza, now recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will find the majority of the villas and palaces designed by the famous architect Andrea Palladio. The search for beauty and harmony has become our natural endowment.

Innovative Materials

Innovative materials such as wood, metal, and marble are carefully selected to design elegant and harmonious forms. As in haute couture, the greatest part of the research work done by our designers is dictated by our desire and intent to create a unique setting in tune with the lifestyle of those who live in the house.

The primary objective of our research is the well-being of individuals. This is evident in the attention given to the functional use of each component and the combinations of shades, colours, and precious materials to express personality.

Fifty Years of Superior Craftsmanship

Castagna Cucine was established in 1958, specializing from the very beginning in the art of woodwork for creating kitchens. Since then, maintaining our heritage of craftsmanship has become one of the core values of our company.

Craftsmanship and our ability to implement custom-made orders make it possible to personalize the style of the kitchen furnishings and coordinate them with the other rooms of the house, such as with living-room furniture and custom-made wall panels that perform various functions for the entrance hall, corridors, and other enclosures. Among the possibilities, we also have a vast collection of tables expressing our passion for solid wood.