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3.1 Openings

Functional and design handles of kitchens for all needs

The 3.1 system is characterized by seven types of door openings, which allow to interpret in a different way the functionality and aesthetic of Copatlife kitchen. Copatlife offers external handles, push-pull, integrated handles, in order to cover all different tastes. In addition, there are: curved recess grip for door with straight edge, flat recess grip for door with straight edge and built-in handle and door with upper edge tilted to 30° and “Grip” integrated handle, which protects the frontal panel in a very critical point and offer a good grip for this kind of opening.

"Toa" Handle

Handle for kitchen with an optimal grip
"Toa" is a new external handle, here presented into the 3.1 system. It has a 12 mm cylindrical diameter and it is the reinterpretation, in a modern way, of the metal rod. "Toa" is considered a "timeless" handle, capable of offering an optimal grip. This handle is also available in "doors’ height" to be installed in single-door tall units. Height 2040 mm or 2110 mm.

"Zetaframe" handle

External built-in handle
The "Zetaframe" handle, made of aluminium, is available in the following finishes: satin, champagne and burnished, to match with plinths and grooves. The size of the "Zetaframe" handles are in proportion with that of the doors in which the handle is built-in. They can be fitted vertically and horizontally. Their minimal projection from the door surface allows them to be used on coplanar tall units and tall units with retracting doors.

Integrated Handle
"Board" Integrated Handle

A geometric handle suitable for who loves modern kitchens
It is a new integrated handle and it offers a good grip. Through its geometrical shape, it substitutes visually the effect of a recess grip on the structure. The handle is available in three finishes: satin, brunito and bianco matt aluminum. For its aesthetic, it has only a horizontal position on the door.

30 Degree Door
and "Grip" Handle
30 Degree Door and "Grip" Handle

Door for kitchen with practical design handle
The door has a tilt of 30 degrees on the upper edge, on which the "Grip handle" is mounted in the internal side in order to protect the door and to increase the grip. The "Grip" handle is characterized by a profile, that presents a knurling for 50% of its surface and it helps the opening of the door. And also from a technical detail with a small protrusion positioned only at the end of door’s edge. The protrusion helps the opening and in addition, it creates frontally an aesthetic detail, which makes a frame to the upper side of the door.

30° cut door with "Grip" handle
in Champagne finish
30 cut door with "Grip" handle in Champagne finish

Door for kitchen with pratical "grip" handle in champagne finish
The eucalyptus heat-treated door has a 30° sloping upper edge on which is applied a "grip" handle in Champagne finish that is to protect the door and to get a better grip. "Grip" handle is characterized by a thin profile that presents on almost the half of its surface a milling that permits an easier opening. The ledge ease the opening and creats an aesthetical and functional detail that frames the door on its upper part.

30 Degree Door
in Tecnomalta Finish
30 Degree Door in Tecnomalta Finish

Scratch-resistant doors for kitchen
The door with the upper 30° edge is available in “Tecnomalta” finish and it is here presented in this composition in “Brera” color. This type of door doesn’t mount the “Grip” handle because used material is very scratch-resistant and it has a good grip through its tangible texture.

"Pendula" Handle

Handle for kitchen with a good grip
This built-in handle, proposed by Copatlife, is used only for tall units with coplanar sliding doors and it is available in four different finishes: satin, brill, bianco and brunito aluminum. Pendula handle has a good grip, through a slight rotation of the frontal, and it allows to open and close easily doors of coplanar sliding doors tall units.

Push-Pull Opening

Clean and ledgeless aesthetical result
Base cabinets with push-pull opening available for hinged doors and pull-outs. This kind of opening grants a clean and ledgeless aesthetical result.

External handle
with an excellent grip
External handle

External handle
The “TOA” external handle of 12 mm in diameter is the metal modern version of the tondino handle. The timeless “TOA” handle offers an excellent grip and can be fitted vertically and horizontally. With its various available heights it is ideal for single door tall units.