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Roma Kitchens - the Prestige of Italian Style

Italian Classic

The Roma collection was inspired by the beauty and art of the capital of the great Roman Empire.

Roma Kitchens

Classic Equilibrium

Evoking the charm of Roman history, the class and the prestige of Italian style.

ROMA At-a-Glance
Manufacturer:Castagna Cucine SRL
Designer:Castagna Studio and Mariarosa Biasiolo
Taste:Classical, Balanced
Materials:Solid wood, Porcelain
Highlights:Exclusive Wooden decor with Brass detail, Calacatta marble, Walnut and Elegant wall panelling
Roma Kitchen Collection
Roma Classic Equilibrium. Based on the charm of Roman history and the prestige of Italian style.

Roma Kitchen Collection

The ROMA Collection

The Roma collection expresses the classical taste and typical characteristics of the great classical masters such as Michelangelo and Bernini, who created the splendid façades, monuments, and churches of the Eternal City.

The ample spaces in the middle-class home have inspired the continuation of the kitchen through the elegant wall panelling in the corridors and into the living room, dominated by the size and finishing of the walnut table.

Craftsmanship and Details

A pleasant balance of Roma comes from curving and twisting forms that can be found in the soft chiaroscuro of the frames and capitals taken from classicism.

Roma Kitchen Element
Roma Kitchen Element
Roma Kitchen Element
Roma Kitchen Element

The exclusive wooden decorations and the capitals of carved wood inspired by the architectural friezes typical of classicism are the hallmarks of Roma.

The Roma kitchen features open compartments below hanging cabinets with elegant handles and brass details that truly stand out on matte white.

The matt-lacquer finish covers and softens the roundness of the frames. The varied veins of Calacatta marble call to mind precious paintings of the era.

Above the counter there is a thick walnut shelf with a contoured edge. The counter sides can be personalized with the initials of the owners, making each creation unique.

Bottoms and backs are embellished with a lace finishing, recalling the influence of precious baroque pieces.

Beyond the kitchen, consistency is found in the panelling that lines the walls of the living room, framing the passages and niches that house the Roma living-room furniture.

Roma Kitchen Collection
Roma collection evokes the charm of the Italian ancient History.

Roma Italian Classic

Roma collection evokes the charm of the Italian ancient History, with its important style. Roma expresses the classical line and the art of masters like Michelangelo and Bernini, who created magnificent palaces, monuments and churches of the Eternal City. A pleasant balance comes from the research of sinuous shapes combined with the soft shades of frames and capitals inspired by History. The glossy Calacatta Gold marble top makes the kitchen even more sophisticated; on sides of the big canopy hood, display cupboards show engraved glass and lace interiors. The island has a spectacular counter top in Walnut with a special shaped edge and end side panels customized with the client’s capital letters.

Classic Equilibrium

This prestigious apartment, overlooking a historic Roman monument, features the Roma kitchen. The Roma collection evokes the charm of Roman history and the class and prestige of Italian style.

Enlarge drawing

The Roma Classic Equilibrium Drawing

Kitchen Wall & Worktop

The kitchen wall features a large hood and capitals of carved wood predominate over a polished Calacatta marble worktop, closed on one side and on the other with etched diamond glass windows and backs with interior lace finish.

Enlarge drawing

The Roma Kitchen Wall and Worktop Drawing


Columns equipped with retractable doors that hide high-tech appliances, and luxurious and practical pull-out racks.

Enlarge drawing

The Roma Kitchen Columns Drawing

Kitchen Island

Spectacular kitchen island with thick contoured walnut counter top, personalized on the side with initials.

Enlarge drawing

The Roma Kitchen Island Drawing


Living rooms open with retractable doors, complete with shelves and pull-out drawers and/or cup-rack shelving.

Enlarge drawing

The Roma Kitchen Storage Drawing

Wall Panelling

Customised wall panelling with wall lamps, complete with a large bevelled mirror enclosed in a coordinated frame.

Enlarge drawing

The Roma Kitchen Wall Panelling Drawing

Walnut Table

ROMA table in walnut with brass details, top made of uniquely beautiful walnut root.

Enlarge drawing

The Roma Kitchen Walnut Table Drawing

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