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Exclusive Italian Natura Kitchens for Your Interior

Natura Values of Land

In the Natura collection, we put all our feelings about the relationship between mankind and nature.

Natura Kitchens

Material Wood

Perfectly matched, rich natural wood; carved stone; and iron.

Natura At-a-Glance
Manufacturer:Castagna Cucine SRL
Designer:Castagna Studio and Mariarosa Biasiolo
Taste:Modern, Natural, Peaceful
Materials:Solid wood, MDF, Veneer, Iron Trims, Marble
Highlights:Solid oak, marble work surface with carved-out vintage sink, and iron details
Natura Kitchen Collection
Natura Kitchens - Perfectly Matched Material and Natural Rich Wood, Carved Stone, and Iron.

Natura Kitchen Collection
Natura Kitchen Collection

The NATURA Collection

In the Natura collection we have revealed our feelings about the values of the earth and man: listening to nature, desiring the essence of things, rediscovering the value of food, preparing it, and then sharing it with family and friends.

Since 1958 Francesco Castagna has been giving an imprint of quality to his productions, favouring the use of solid wood. Natura follows this philosophy—the wood is the protagonist, enriched in its features, in its heterogeneity, and in its being the living material.

Craftsmanship and Details

Perfectly matched, rich natural wood; carved stone; and iron.

General view of the  Natura Kitchen #1
General view of the  Natura Kitchen #2
General view of the  Natura Kitchen #3
Natura Kitchen Element

As a material, wood has returned, with all its characteristics and its prestige, along with the other materials of greatest beauty and value found in nature.

Marble designed as a work surface and carved out to become a vintage sink becomes an important component of Natura appeal.

The oak wood is worked so that it can reveal its true essence, with multiple veins and knots that tell the story of its material and natural colour. Doors are also done in a natural multilayer oak. Iron, which is also an essential element of the earth, finds its ideal location with wood and stone.

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It can be fulfilling to leave the hustle and bustle of modern life and take refuge in a peaceful environment surrounded by a natural decor, where good food can be prepared for family and friends.

Natura Material Wood Kitchen
Natura Material Wood

Natura Material Wood

Our history dates back to 1958; Francesco Castagna, the Founder, imparted a mark of quality to his kitchens, since the very beginning, preferring the use of solid wood, worked with masterly craftsmanship. We followed his philosophy to design NATURA, where Oak is the leading character, exalted as living material in all its colours.

The essence of wood shows all its features, its true nature shows off through the grain, the natural colour and knots, which tell its history. The door core is in plywood, that is visible on the edge on purpose and therefore becomes a whole natural element with wood..

Natura Values of Land

Natura Kitchen Element
Natura Kitchen Element
Natura Kitchen Element
Natura Kitchen Element

In the Natura collection, we put all our feelings about the relationship between mankind and nature. Wood has become a living material again, with all its marks.

It is here combined with the most beautiful natural materials: marble on the countertops, that creates also a unique old-style sink, and iron, that is the natural connection between wood and stone.

Natural Beauty

Thanks to the quality of this collection, the rooms of the house blend in with the nature that surrounds them.

Enlarge drawing

The Natural Kitchen Natural Beauty Drawing

Natural Materials

Four materials are mixed according to Natura values: wood designed around its knots, stone carved out to become a vintage sink, multilayer wood combined with a practical and modern laminated coating, and iron used in the collection as shelves or open compartments.

Enlarge drawing

The Natural Kitchen Natural Materials Drawing


A multifunction counter with an interesting design unites the cooking top and hood, inserted into the marble with a movable wooden support surface, which has two functions: for food preparation or as a table for everyday meals. Moreover, with its open compartment and sliding door, this eclectic counter serves as an intelligent partition to separate other areas of the house.

Enlarge drawing

The Natural Kitchen Counter Drawing


The column pantry closet is equipped with thick solid-oak doors. The spectacular portable glass wine rack (also available in wood) is resting on a wooden back.

Enlarge drawing

The Natural Kitchen Columns Drawing

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